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Boys Training Programs

Laxin' Thursdays: Boys Shoot Around + Chumash

WHERE: Sports Domain Academy, Clifton

To schedule a drop-in, contact Coach Matt at

January 31st

February 7, 14, 21, 28

TIME: 4-5pm


grades 3-10

COST: $420

what is chumash?

On Laxin' Thursdays, we love to play Chumash, a fast-paced variation of Lacrosse played 3v3 or 4v4 with a 12"-wide goal in the center of the field. Chumash is a great for teaching fundamentals of catching, throwing and stick handling and gives players the opportunity to get creative!

Specialty Training

WHERE: 360 Fitness Performance Sports in Fairfield

WHEN: Wednesdays

To schedule a drop-in, contact Coach Matt at

February  6, 13, 20, 27

7-8pm, grades 3-6
8-9pm, grades 7-11


- Defense

- Shooting

- Goalie Work

- Face off Work

Controlling the Face-Off X

Learn how to dominate at the Face-Off X  with face-off specialist Kevin Fahey.

This is an important clinic for middies who want to learn how to control the tempo and pace of the game and gain more possessions and opportunities for their team.  

High Level Positional Work


These sessions will help you grow both individually and improve your team play.  Great way to advance both your technical and tactical training and have some fun!

Defense Domination
With Matt Klank

Players will work on footwork, angles, and stick control in understanding how to control attack and midfield players.  

Goalie Academy
With David Bucchino

The goalie position is based on having a sound technical footwork, angles, and body positioning.  Learn how to be the wall and the foundation of any team/ program. 

With Rich Noonan + Matt Podwoski

Mid-high level techniques. High volume of shots focused on accuracy, proper techniques. This is an important clinic for players who are offensive minded and want to understand the inside of a variety of offensive concepts and score some goals!


Speed & Agility Work

If you are interested in specialized footwork and speed training, please contact