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Code of Conduct & Playing Time

Evolution Staff/Coaches Expectations & Philosophy


  • Our staff will seek to foster a love of lacrosse.
  • Our staff will be qualified, trained and experienced in youth development. 
  • We will deliver structured and organized practices that are age and developmentally appropriate.
  • Our practices will be focused on both individual and team skills and we seek to have players get lots of reps and touches at practice.
  • We seek to practice and play a fast, fun and creative brand of lacrosse.
  • We will set age appropriate goals for our teams.
  • Clear communication in order to keep the program organized.
  • Fair and appropriate playing time (at the coach’s discretion).  
  • We seek to use lacrosse as a medium for developing collective responsibility, character, risk taking and growth.

Evolution Lacrosse Players Expectations 

  • Players will work hard in developing both their team and individual skills.
  • Players MUST wear a mouth piece during all game and practice sessions. They will be removed from drills until they are properly equipped.
  • Players will play multiple positions and will need to train and play in the positions that are recommended by the coach in order to benefit the team and the program.
  • Evolution Lacrosse players will be positive toward teammates, referees, coaches and the game of lacrosse.
  • Players are encouraged to ask coaches questions about team tactics and on individual skill development.
  • When a coach is talking to the group or an individual, players need to listen and make positive eye contact.
  • A commitment to our training program and game schedule. Please communicate possible absences and conflicts prior to the event so coaches can plan and make adjustments. 
  • Punctuality: Arrive 15 minutes prior to start of practice, 45 minutes prior to games (properly equipped upon arrival).  
  • A positive and respectful attitude.

What We Expect from Evolution Lacrosse Parents  


  • Support the athletes and the coaches.  
  • Be positive on the sideline during games.
  • Focus on long-term development and encourage hard work and having fun!
  • Allow players a safe and encouraging place to download and relax.

Playing Time Policy


All kids will play in all games. However, equal playing time is not guaranteed. Playing time is EARNED.
Practice is important. Players who attend practice, work hard and follow the Code of Conduct will earn ample playing time. We seek to maximize development at practices and believe that this is where players make strides, take risks and earn playing time.

Attitude: We want to outwork our opponents and seek players with a similar positive workman-like attitude. We need to be positive towards our teammates and coaches.

Game circumstances will affect playing time. Each game is unique, and it is up to the coaches to assess the dynamics of a game when determining playing time. As a result, a player who sees a limited amount of playing time one week may see more the following week (and vice versa).

Attendance + Effort + Attitude + Skill = Playing Time

When discussing these factors with players, please emphasize that hard work and attitude go into skill development and this is a long-term growth process. We like to focus on a specific skill when discussing playing time with players. When focused on a skill, it becomes a tangible goal to work toward and focus on at practice.

Non-Roster Invitee: There may be occasions when our roster is light and players have conflicts. In order to maintain a safe environment and have enough players available in games and tournaments, Evolution Lacrosse will extend invitations to players that know our system and they will provide support to our roster and overall team goals. These players will blend into our playing structure.

Overall, we want to provide all players the opportunity to have fun playing lacrosse, ensure that they feel they are contributing members of their teams, and field teams that can compete. Sometimes this is a difficult balance to maintain, please have players discuss these matters with their coaches.

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